How Big of a Role Talent Plays in Business

When it comes to speaking about entrepreneurship and running a business, it takes a certain skill set and initial talent to build upon in order for it to be successful. It is often posited that entrepreneurship itself is talent paired with the right training and environment. 

There is a narrative that becoming an entrepreneur is often inherent and runs parallel with traits of certain personalities.

Successful entrepreneurs, such as Baron Sugar often come with showing entrepreneurial insight from a young age, which perhaps shows that the role of inherent talent is important. Although talent plays a primary role in the world of business, that does not mean that a person is exempt from hard work and running a business is by no means an easy option.

The perfect pairing of talent and hard work 

The definition of talent is having a natural aptitude or skill. This could be a natural ability or personality trait. In the case of entrepreneurship, there are certain personality traits that have been shown to be a commonality amongst successful business people.   

Sangeeta Bharadwaj Badal, P.h.D outlined that successful entrepreneurs have and harbour natural traits that do help them to be successful.

However, even with natural born talent, it takes training and nurturing of the natural talent for an entrepreneur to tap into their full entrepreneurial potential. The parallel of talent and hard work is often what is attributed when speaking of successful entrepreneurs. Although initial talent is important it doesn’t mean that entrepreneurship is a far away dream if it’s something you’re willing to put the time and effort into.

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Just because a certain personality trait or skill set is lacking, does not mean that it is all doom and gloom for your start up or business idea.

Typically there are resources and courses that are accessible to help set you up in the best way possible to succeed in your desired sector and ensure that you are on the right path for success. You just have to have the right mindset and go getter attitude to be able to pursue those opportunities and not give up if you are not good at something.

This in itself could be argued to very much be a talent of an entrepreneur. The grind and resilience it takes to see an opportunity and make it realistic for yourself is something that goes hand in hand with hard work.

Timing Vs Talent    

It might mean one thing to have natural talent, but it is very much another to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to the success of a business.

There are some things in life, not just in the world of business, that are sheer timing and luck, but in the world of business the so-called lucky moments are more curated than we may think.

The nature of entrepreneurship will mean that entrepreneurs and business owners are active in different ways than they would be if they were an employee, so naturally the types of people they network with and the audience that their business will reach will most likely be in favour of the goals for their business.

The opportunities that arise may be ones that propel and accelerate success of a business, but that opportunity was most likely created by the entrepreneurs themselves.

Timing and talent seem to work in a cyclical way with each other, the talent means that an entrepreneur is fulfilling what they’re good at and because of this, well timed opportunities will most likely come. The knack for creating opportunities for yourself and connecting with the right people could once again be attributed to having that entrepreneurial flair and creating the opportunity to be open to what might be considered to some as lucky.

Navigating a certain space and putting your talent to use in front of the right people will only benefit a business and comes down to the willingness of an entrepreneur.

It could be argued that willingness and work ethic itself is part of the talent repertoire of an entrepreneur which is what makes them go that bit further to achieve what they want to for themselves and their business. 

The role that talent plays in business and the world of entrepreneurship is considered very primary. Talent not only refers to a skillset that seems naturally inherent in a person, but refers to the personality traits that sets someone up for the world of business. Having an inclination and  drive for knowing what is best for you and your business is key to its success.The pairing of talent with upskilling, networking and being in the right place at the right time are all contributing factors to the success of a business.

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