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How to Pick a Hotel Near Sathorn BTS

The Sathorn area of Bangkok is a lovely place to stay and located near some of the city’s most popular attractions. One of your main concerns will be finding a good hotel where you can stay during your trip. This article will give you a few tips on what to look for when you search.

Located Near Sathorn BTS

For most visitors, public transportation is a very convenient way to get around, so it’s important that you select a hotel near the Sathorn BTS station. Most of the interesting places to visit in the Sathorn area can easily be accessed by walking or taking a taxi, but for exploring the rest of the city from your hotel, the BTS skytrain system or the underground MRT system will be the best way to get around.

 Airport Pick-up

For most visitors to Thailand, trying to communicate with a taxi driver who may not speak English can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve just arrived after a long flight with all of your luggage. This is why an airport pick-up service is a must have for any hotel you choose. 

Room Amenities

It’s important when looking for a hotel near the Sathorn BTS that you think about the amenities available in your room. Will it have enough storage space for your belongings? Do you need a hairdryer, an ironing board, or other features in your room? You should also check that it has an appropriate space available in case you need to work during your trip.


Make sure that the hotel you choose has facilities available that fit your needs while traveling. If you are working while you travel, you may want to find a location with a business center for printing and working. In a country as hot as Thailand it’s also important to select a hotel with a pool. Consider facilities such as play centers that may benefit you if you are traveling with children. And don’t forget to check if there is food easily available at or near your hotel in case you are too tired to go out for food some days. 

Information About the Sathorn Area

We’ve covered a few general hotel selection tips already, but when you’re picking a hotel near Sathorn BTS, it’s also important to know what else is in this area of Bangkok. Sathorn is a major commercial district in Bangkok. It features many tall skyscrapers, but also has lively nightlife, interesting historical sites, loads of amazing street food and restaurants, as well as several must-see attractions such as the King Power Tower. Check before booking your hotel if they have any recommended tour services or information about how to enjoy local attractions.

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