How To Use Hashtags In The Right Way

If you’ve been trying to get more followers on Instagram or to get noticed for one of your posts, you have quite a bit of options before you need to resort to sending selfies to strangers in hopes that they’ll find their way back to your profile and hit “follow”. You’d be surprised at how many pages do that.

Hashtags might not work for everyone, but that usually means you’re not using them right. Once you figure out what kind of approach suits your profile and your content, there’s no way you won’t see at least some kind of growth on your page.

If you want to know more about how to properly use hashtags and find out what you’re doing wrong with your hashtag strategy, keep reading!

Choose the Right Hashtags

Suppose you’re making a post about cakes. The most obvious choices for hashtags would be to use ones like #cakes or #cakelife, but they’re popular enough that your post might end up riddled with bots in the comment section. More traffic or a large number of posts under a hashtag isn’t always a good thing – it just decreases your chances to get noticed by the people who follow it. On the other hand, if you use hashtags that aren’t even popular, you might end up not reaching enough people.

You need to find the hashtags that are followed by enough people that you’ll benefit from putting it under your post, and you need to make sure that you’ll get noticed under that hashtag too. This is where hashtag research comes in, and there are three ways to find the right hashtags.

Use the Search Bar

If you need hashtags about cakes, you can type in that word in the search bar to see what comes up. Ignore the top results and look further down. You’ll notice hashtags that are more specific, and ones that contain the same kind of content you’re trying to get out there.

Instead of using hashtags like #cakes, you can be a bit more specific and use #geodecakes.

Look at Other Similar Posts

Another great idea to find out what kind of hashtags you should use is to learn from others. Look through the posts and captions of other successful bloggers and influencers in your niche. What kind of hashtags are they using? How many? Are they using them in the caption or the first comment?

You can either use the same hashtags, or you can learn from them and base your own selection on what they’re doing.

Use Softwares

Sometimes you know what kind of hashtags to look for, but you can’t come up with different terms and phrases to use. This is where these softwares come in, and there are multiple hashtag generation softwares out there for you to choose from.

Try to make sure you do your own research and verify whether the hashtags are really right for you or not though.

Hashtag Placement

You only have a limited number of characters in your caption, and for people who write detailed and lengthy captions, placing hashtags there isn’t really the best idea. Not to mention that hashtags in the caption look messy and might hurt the overall look of your post and Instagram page in general.

This is why a lot of people suggest using hashtags in the first comment instead of the caption. You can keep getting the most out of your hashtag strategy this way and not have to compromise on your caption length.

Use a Business Account

Using a business account is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to grow their page. Among other things that you get access to, using a business account allows you to use post insights. This way you can see when your post is getting to more people, how many people like your posts, and much more. With these features, it will be easier for you to try out different hashtag strategies and decide what works for your posts and what doesn’t.

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