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Know What Causes Your Stiff Neck

A stiff neck should always be taken seriously and be looked at by a doctor when the cause is not immediately apparent or is questionable in its severity. 

Neck pain can result from something as simple as sleeping in the wrong position. But you generally know it from the moment you wake up. Getting in a car accident that causes whiplash may result in a stiff neck that deserves to be looked at by a doctor. 

Bad Habits Can Lead to a Stiff Neck

Developing a stiff neck for no discernible reason may require the help of a doctor as well. It may be the result of an underlying cause that you’re completely unaware of. Your neck pain may be cured by an easy adjustment to your lifestyle and habits. 

Work habits, in particular, are often the cause of neck pain. People’s attention is usually focused on their work. They often aren’t aware that their posture or repetitive motions could be causing neck pain

By making an appointment with a doctor skilled in all the causes of a stiff neck, you can quickly get to the bottom of the reason for your neck pain. He’ll ask you questions about your work and ask you to mimic the positions and conditions under which you usually work. By correcting your posture or movements, the neck pain will often disappear in a short time. 

Medically Serious Causes of Neck Pain

But problems with your neck can also be caused by more serious issues that need to be medically addressed. The neck joints contain cartilage between the vertebrae that can wear down with age, just like in the knees and hips. Osteoarthritis can cause bone spurs to develop where healthy cartilage used to be, and this condition can be painful. Treatment can include therapy and possible surgery to remove the bone spurs. 

Herniated discs in the vertebrae can also lead to bone spurs. The discs can press on the nerves of the spinal cord and cause excruciating pain. Treatments can be applied to the discs to reduce their swelling and relieve pressure on the nerves. 

A heavy smoker can also be a clue to the cause of neck pain. Smoking can speed up the degeneration of the cervical discs between the vertebrae. When these discs dry out and lose their ability to act as cushions between the vertebrae, it can cause intense pain. 

Treatment for a Stiff Neck

Treatments for a stiff neck or intense neck pain center around relieving the pain first of all and treating the problem once the patient is comfortable. 

In cases where the problem is caused by repetitive habits, correcting the habits can solve the problem, and after an initial pain treatment, the issue usually clears up by itself. But visiting a qualified doctor or clinic is always the best way to zero in on the problem quickly.  If you’re experiencing a stiff or painful neck and you’re unsure of the cause, contact the Bangkok Physiotherapy Center to make an appointment for an examination by the experts in neck pain. 

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