Why You Should Send Your Child to an International Nursery

What Are The Benefits to an International Nursery

Because of the high expense involved in putting children through international school, many parents wonder if the cost is worth it. You may ask yourself, are there valuable benefits that your children will get from an international nursery program that are worth all this money you are investing? Or would they get the same quality of education at this age from any nursery? This article is here to help you decide and give you a list of benefits to choosing an international nursery.

Parental Involvement

One of the most valuable benefits to choosing an international nursery is the high level of parental involvement, not only in school activities, but also in curriculum and approaches to instruction at the school. Since they are relying on parental investment to survive, international schools of all kinds want to keep parents happy.

Well-Rounded Curriculum

Typically, international nurseries will rely on reputable, high-standard curriculum programs for their course planning. For early years this is particularly important since many other schools do not plan curriculums around learning styles that are most effective for young children. Curriculums at international nursery schools are more likely to include hands-on activities and self-directed learning for young children, which is the best way for young brains to develop.

Qualified Teachers

 If you choose an international nursery, you can be sure that your school will hire only the most qualified educators from across the globe. Teaching young learners requires a special level of patience, creativity, and knowledge about how children learn best. Highly qualified teachers will know how to best engage your small children in class.

Setting Them Up For Success

When a child begins their education at an international school right from the start, there is more opportunity for them to continue their education at international schools in the future. Many international schools have rigorous entry requirements that can be difficult for children to pass even when starting primary school. For this reason, it can be prudent to send your child to an international nursery school, so they are well prepared for international school as a primary and secondary student in the future.

Jumpstart Language Learning

Since being multilingual is such an important part of success in many fields of study and work, most international schools will teach in multiple languages right away. Since it is easier for young brains to pick up language naturally, having exposure to multiple languages early in your child’s education will give them an advantage when learning languages later in life. Even if they do not study the same languages later on, learning languages early helps to reinforce the neural pathways for language learning in the brain and develop solid skills related to picking up additional languages.

Is An International Nursery Right For You?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a nursery for your child, including location, price, activities available, facilities, etc. There are many great benefits to an international nursery education for your early years children. Take in consideration all the aspects of your child’s education to be confident you are making the right choice for you and your child.

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