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Work with a Quality Digital Marketing Team in Bangkok

Because of the lessons we learned during the quarantines and lockdowns of the pandemic in Bangkok, many brands are now changing their marketing strategy and adopting a more digital-oriented focus to their sales and marketing. 

This usually means partnering with a digital marketing team in Bangkok as well because most brands aren’t staffed with the marketing specialists needed to run a comprehensive digital programme. 

But a brand with no experience in digital marketing doesn’t really have the expertise to choose between digital marketers and select the best agency. They have no frame of reference or any experience in the field. And taking advice and recommendations from colleagues and friends can often mean committing to something that looks good at the time, but you regret it within a few months. 

We’ll point out some of the things you should look for and expect in a high-quality digital marketing agency. How they should operate and the services they should offer.

Comprehensive Service

A digital marketing agency should offer both SEO and marketing services. In the digital world, these two services go hand-in-hand, and any agency that “specialises” in just one service should be avoided. 

SEO is part and parcel of what digital marketing is all about, but it’s a more technical side, and some agencies are unable to attract enough qualified individuals to claim that they’re a full-service agency offering everything, including SEO. 

These agencies usually consist of strategists and designers who can create great ad campaigns, but you have to implement them and monitor them yourself, or else bring in a third party to do it for you. Have you ever heard the phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth”? This is the digital equivalent of too many cooks. The more people you need to employ to create and run your digital strategy, the more things can go wrong. 

When you ask your digital marketing candidates whether they consider themselves to be an SEO or a digital marketing company, the only acceptable answer is “yes”. 

Data-driven Marketing Agency

You also want to choose an agency that knows how to use all the data on the internet to deliver better results for your brand. The ability to fully research your industry sector and your competitors provides you with extra ammunition when your going head to head with them in the marketplace. 

 Marketing Experience

You want a seasoned agency that will take the time to understand your brand and industry inside out. Young agencies often are much too eager to show you how well they can perform. 

An experienced agency knows that the more they know about their clients and the industry they represent, the better they can perform over the long run. And establishing a long-term relationship should be the goal of any experienced agency.  To see what a full-service, experienced agency can offer to a brand just testing the waters of digital marketing, please get in touch with Primal, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Bangkok, to arrange a consultation.

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