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Today could be a great day!

The song said, is that the possibility that today is a great day is much closer and within reach of what we normally think. You want to have a good day every day?

A while now I’ve realized that the answer to how to have a good day every day depends mainly on me and decide how to take things that happen to me. I can go back to lamenting the weather, stress, work (or lack of it) or bad luck every day or do something now to change it and start being happy.

I realized that in my hand is the key to how I choose to live every day has not only made me enjoy more of the things that happen to me, but make me spend more things I want  and give it a special value to each day. And when I feel utterly my strength and I’m starting to get into the spiral of complaint or pessimism, I try to repeat some ideas and implement them for the day change 180 degrees and feel that somehow has been a day great.

Here are some ideas for a good day:

Enjoy the small details

No need to do great things all the time to enjoy life. In fact I think they are the little things that make life worthwhile. One evening, a few laughs family, walking in the sun or watching the rain through the window, take a rich infusion alone or in company, a telephone conversation or a single message. All those things are there, waiting to be enjoyed, just have to be enough space to do so.

Turn it over to setbacks

That rainy morning when I’ve fallen asleep and I’m in a hurry, everything goes upside down, jam on the road, the kids are fighting and has not given me time to comb my hair, I look in a mirror and I have only snort … …… or turn the tables and focus on something positive .

Behind the problems can hide more problems or some other learning, it all depends on my attitude to life. And it is that a setback can be an opportunity to find a novel solution and do things differently for a day.

Closer to my dreams

I remember a time when I would spend life dreaming of another life. “Someday there will come a time (mount a garden , learning to make soap, work on what I like, write a blog, live a more natural way …)” but did nothing to get it . They were as vague and impossible dreams, and although I was frustrated by not reach them, I did not move in the right direction.

When I realized that the life I wanted was not going to rain from heaven if I did nothing to build, was when I started walking in the right direction and move forward step by step, courageously and security, to my dreams and enjoy every day with it. It is not a matter of throwing myself into the pool without looking first, but become aware of what I want and go taking little steps to get closer.

Falling in love with me

Think about it, when you fall in love with someone, that person moments are special, you feel good to her and value her gestures, his words and the way he treats you. And just as you would care for that person and make her feel good.

And why not do it myself? At the end of the day, my body, my gestures, my words, are what will always accompany me, which I will do live in a way or another. Say nice things, appreciate my talents, take care, have details myself, are things that can make me feel good and today is a great day (and so every day).

Thank you

Start practicing gratitude on a day to day is one of the biggest (and best) changes I’ve made in my life, and certainly one of the things that determine that the day is loaded with good energy. I do not mean just to be polite and say thank you , but to feel a real gratitude towards life, to the world around me and to all that I have around me. It is an exercise of deep and sincere reflection, being aware of reality itself and everything good in it. For even in bad times, I can always find something to thank life  and see how that opened my mind to new possibilities, to feel better when things go wrong.

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