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Let a Facebook Ads Agency Raise Your Brand Recognition

Sometimes partnering with the right agency for your brand can mean all the difference between success and failure in marketing your products and services. If you’re with a small brand, or one just starting to enter the marketplace, a Facebook Ads agency could be your best choice in a partner agency. 

Facebook has been the largest and most popular social media in the world for many years now. In Malaysia alone, Facebook boasts over 24 million users. Considering the total population of the country is just under 36 million, this means that roughly two-thirds of the country are active on Facebook. 

This presents quite an opportunity when it comes to raising your brand awareness and recognition. An agency skilled and creative in putting together a strategy of advertising on Facebook that uses the wealth of data available on the platform can be instrumental in making your brand name a household word in Malaysia. 

Making Use of the Tools of Facebook Ads

A Facebook ads agency is one that is adept at getting the most out of what Facebook has to offer. Facebook is known for the sheer amount of data they’ve compiled on all their users through the years. The Ads platform makes this data available to their advertising clients to use in helping to decide on an effective ads strategy using the platform. 

The data forms one part of a three-pronged advertising strategy along with targetting and ad formats. Facebook offers many types of targeted demographics you can use in developing your ads strategy. You can target ads by gender, buying habits, region, language, age, hobbies, or any of a number of other qualifiers.

Facebook also offers eight types of ad formats, including Image, Video, Poll, Carousel, Slideshow, Instant Experience and Lead ads. A Facebook agency practised in placing ads on the platform is the best source of experience and knowledge on which ad formats offer the best results for your types of products and services in the Malaysian region.

It’s important to work with an experienced agency. The agency will be able to stretch your advertising budget much further than you would be placing ads on your own. They know how to bid on ads and the relative value of the placement, and the format of ads. 

Putting Your Partner Agency to Work

Your partner agency will devise a marketing strategy with input from your brand managers. Once you’ve signed off on the strategy, they’ll get to work. 

They’ll create the graphics for the ad as well as the ad’s written content. The content will contain relevant keywords to help raise the visibility of the ads and target the right demographics. Once you’ve approved the ads, they’ll bid on the placement of the ads using your ad budget as the guideline in meeting the stated goals of the ad campaign. Then they’ll monitor the ads, adjust them when necessary and report back to you on the campaign’s results. Whether you’re a new brand just getting started in digital marketing or an established one that needs some extra help, Primal is a Facebook Ads agency that can help increase your brand awareness and recognition. Contact us to find out more about what we can offer your brand. 

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