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The Different Roles You Can Explore in Senior Care

If you want a career that allows you to look after others and have always enjoyed the company of older generations, working in a senior care role could be the perfect fit for you. However, it’s important to note that there are various options when it comes to careers within senior care, and you should explore these before you decide on which path to follow. Below are some examples of the different kinds of jobs you can find in this field.

Geriatric Nursing

If you already have a background in nursing or would like to train in this field, working as a geriatric nurse could be the right path for you. This is a smart option as getting a nursing degree can also leave other options in healthcare roles open for you. Still, you can choose to specialize in geriatric nursing if you are passionate about working with the elderly. You can work in this role in a hospital setting, at a nursing home, or another senior care facility as an on-site nurse. You could even visit patients in their homes to administer their medication and do general health checks for them if you would prefer.

Assisted Living Home Carer

You could also explore roles working at an assisted living facility that doesn’t require a nursing degree if this isn’t something that you’re particularly interested in obtaining. While you might not be able to provide specific healthcare to residents, you can help to organize activities, prepare food, or help residents with grooming, bathing, and other daily tasks they require assistance with. Look up assisted living jobs for more information on the kinds of roles you can find at these facilities.

Live-in Carer

If you don’t mind living with the senior citizen you’re caring for, this could be a wonderful career path. You’ll be helping them with daily chores and meal preparation and even assisting with taking their medication properly. A nurse will make regular visits if you don’t have a nursing qualification to monitor their health and administer more complex treatments, but you can help to make sure the individual you’re caring for takes their medication on time each day. This can be a more intensive role to take on, but it can also be incredibly rewarding, and you’ll help to keep them company if they live alone, too.

Fitness Trainer

Another option you could explore in senior care is becoming a fitness trainer for senior citizens. Exercise is an essential component to keeping healthy no matter what your age but exercises will need to be modified as your body gets older. Pilates and yoga can be great for senior citizens to stay strong and help improve their balance, but it isn’t as strenuous as going for a long run or lifting weights. Of course, it will depend on the individual what types of exercise they can do, but as a fitness trainer for the elderly, you will be able to come up with an exercise plan suitable for each client. If you would love to work with senior citizens, consider the options suggested above and see if any of these could be the right path for you to follow.

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