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The roller banner is very effective, for several reasons. First of all, it’s a visual tool, which (when it comes to attracting attention) is probably the best way to go. Secondly, the roll up banner is easy to install, remove and transport or store – which makes it excellent for those who are on the road a lot of the time. Third, it is very economical and delivers excellent results compared to other means of advertising or promotional tools. However, designing the perfect pop up banner can be tricky at times. Here are the three most basic – but most important – tips for creating the perfect roller banner.

Size matters

It’s natural that the size affects the price of the roller banner, so it’s natural to want to make it as small as possible. Furthermore, you may not be able to display ten square metres next to a booth. On the other hand, the bigger it is, the more attention you are most likely to get, so the rule of thumb should be as follows: go for as big as possible within the limitations of the location where it will be placed and the budget that is available.


Sometimes content can be displayed in a very simple way. Often a logo, a catchphrase, a picture and a phone number are enough to invoke powerful images and a call to action. At other times, more information is required. However, when we’re talking about pull up banners, the traditional wisdom of “less is more” is a good yard stick. Don’t over-crowd your roller banner, say the banner printing experts, and keep the images clean. Your message should, above all, be easy to understand.


An image is much more powerful than words can ever be. Anyone doubting this should remember the TV footage of the Berlin wall, or an image of a juicy hamburger. Make sure your images are professional, and that they can be printed in high resolution to create the best impression. Of course, ensure the copyright or permission to print if the image is not yours.

Only when you have those three very basic issues sorted out can you proceed with the more complicated matters – such as choosing colour, figuring out what your true message is (and how your target audience will perceive it), and how your information on display could best result in a call for action. After all, that’s your purpose: to have your potential customer act. Truly, designing the roller banner is not as hard as it looks; all you have to do is start with the basics, and ask the basic questions. The rest is just a matter of understanding your target audience.


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