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Do you crave adventure and want to make plans to explore somewhere new? For the outdoorsy holiday-goer, the USA regularly appears in lists of the most-visited countries each year, coming only second to France in 2015. However, neighbouring country Canada can stand shoulder to shoulder with America for those looking for adventure.

We’ve handpicked some of the best spots in both USA and Canada, so you can start planning your next adventure holiday:

  • Go Hiking in the Southwest (USA)

Discover the breath-taking landscapes of Southwest America, which is home to wide stretching deserts and iconic formations. Take in the impressive views at The Grand Canyon, which has a number of hiking trails suitable for all fitness levels, check out what’s available with a specialist adventure holiday company like Grand American Adventures.

  • Road trip on California’s Pacific Highway (USA)

Embark on the road trip of a lifetime on the Pacific Coast Highway, along the central California coast. This route is exhilarating, starting in historic Monterey and following a twisting 123-mile route along highlands, remote forests and coastline.

  • Bear watching in Alaska (USA)

Do you want to catch a glimpse of some brown bears in their natural habitat? Watch as the larger, older male bears fight for dominance and mating rights, or watch the bears chasing salmon in the coastal rivers and streams. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

  • Go Whale Watching in British Columbia (Canada)

You’ll find an astonishing array of wildlife in British Columbia and amongst the most popular are the boat excursions to observe the incredible Orca, Humpback and Grey Whales with an experienced guide.

  • Try Skiing in Fernie (Canada)

Western Canada is a perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts due to its heavy snowfall and ungroomed surroundings. With many adventurous runs and the blissful quiet in Fernie, you can try your hand at skiing, whether you’re experienced or a novice.

  • Dog Sledding in Ontario (Canada)

Experience the thrill of dog sledding in a winter wonderland. Your team of huskies will trot softly ahead as you enjoy the serene landscape and crisp cold air. Whether you’re on a family holiday, a romantic break or you just fancy some adventure, you’ll fall in love with dog sledding.


Both the US and Canada offer adventure-seekers an array of awe-inspiring scenery, adventure and wildlife that are sure to leave you wanting more. Whether you want to go on a road trip in America, or discover the wildlife in Canada, you’re sure to find some adventure in your trip of a lifetime.

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