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The 900mm Shower Door: –

  • This door allows you to have a large bathroom even in your small apartment. In the apartments where there is a lack of space, water spillage is always hazardous because of the shower. You are always concerned that the water will pour out into the rest of the washroom creating problems.
  • The solution to this is the 900mm bi-fold shower door.
  • It comprises of two L-shaped doors which can open from both sides. This makes the cubicle larger and allows much more space.
  • The sides of the cubicle may be attached to rollers so that they may remain open from both ends.
  • Generally, all the manufacturers build doors which will suit your needs as well as become a part of your washroom aptly.
  • Some of the shower doors may be sliding, which offers the option of opening the door with just a gentle slide. This is mostly used in the houses which are smaller in size. Since this reduces the space which would have otherwise used for the opening and the closing of the doors.

The 900mm bi fold door is supported by hinges on both the sides or the corners are made to have bypass which provides easy sliding. Trackless frames make the sliding far easier.

  • Other than that, nowadays, a new concept has become rather popular in the market and it is the frameless glass shower door concept. They are generally joined together by hooks and are automatically more flexible.
  • They are gradually becoming extremely popular. There would be a neo angle or a bypass in the areas which would have otherwise folded.
  • If you are in need of making temporary cabins for the purpose of camps or summer houses then the coram cabin is a very good option for you.
  • Accordion style, magnetic enclosures, framed and frameless models are the various designs which are available for your washrooms. They are also available in various colors and styles. Manufacturers are always ready to install the specific door according to your need.
  • The glass doors are available in three depths:
  1. One fourth inch
  2. One eighth inch
  3. Three eighth inch
  • A thicker door does not make for a safer door. All doors are primarily made up of safety glass. There are strict laws when it comes to passing these manufactured products, thus it will be passed based on the same measures and thickness will not matter. So do not lose heart on not being able to afford thicker glasses since it really does not make a difference.
  • There are various types of glasses that are used for bi fold doors. They are as follows
  1. Colonial glass
  2. Clear glass
  3. Beveled glass
  4. Frosted glass
  5. Smoked glass
  • Mirrored glass is the other option but due to its outdated nature, most of the homemakers do not choose this option. Replacing your old shower door with the new bi fold door increases the valuation of your house by eleven hundred dollars.
  • Framed bi fold glass doors are extremely useful in nature since they are used in households which utilize space judiciously. Instead of sliding for almost twenty four inches, this door, when opened takes up a width of only four inches. This fact makes this kind of door extremely popular in the market.
  • Even though, they have the same track above and below the door. They do not have a metal border. This helps a lot since once they close, they do not allow leakage of water unlike framed doors.

Thus, having so many options, it is only upon you to choose the suitable one.

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